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Whether you want a place to show off the projects you're proud of or use Pearl as your professional portfolio, there's a plan for you.

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Our designers are building this with two objectives in mind: to make you proud to share it and to get you hired.

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No development team or hosting cost necessary. Take your hundreds of dollars saved on a much deserved vacation.

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It's always easier to brag about other people isn't it? Let us brag about you to our hiring partners.

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My portfolio pushed me over the edge to have them want to hire me. [It] set me apart from other candidates.

Jennifer L.
Executive assistant
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Your Resume Won't Help You Stand Out — This Will

Jalen Carter
11 Jan 2022
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A parting gift

Hey jobseekers, we made you something.

Looking for jobs is overwhelming — practically and emotionally. We looked for jobs on behalf of over 30+ sales, design, engineering, and product management professionals and consolidated our learnings and resources along the way.

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Answers to the questions we're most asked.

How is this different from job boards?

Job boards are reactive and Pearl is proactive. By subscribing to Pearl, you get realtime access to top diverse talent open for new opportunities.

How is this different from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the 1000-foot view of a candidate. Pearl is the 10-foot view. See how professionals really work on Pearl.

My work is proprietary. How do I share to Pearl?

We believe secrets are sacred. As much as possible, work should be scrubbed of specifics and shared only with those who should see it. Similar to how developers share their code on GitHub, professionals can host their presentations, templates, and assets on Pearl.

How does data governance and security work? How are you handling our proprietary data?

We recognize that we’re asking you to share sensitive information, and we are taking initiative to give you peace of mind while doing so.

For our part, we’re following Bubble’s security best practices, including setting up privacy rules such that only authenticated users can see what you want them to see. (For the technical: sensitive data never hits the client, and will face restrictions if queried by unauthorized users.)

We also use some of the most widely used, secure, and trusted web services. Bubble uses an AWS database, and we use Stripe for payment processing. Regarding payment, the only information we keep in our backend is whether your account is active/inactive, subscription start and end date, and billing frequency — we do not store your payment information.

For any embedded work, privacy settings are handled there. For example, an embedded Google Doc will only be seen by people who can see the document. These privacy settings are handled separately, and can provide an extra degree of security.

For more on which data we collect and how we use it, please refer to our Privacy Policy.