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How To Create Compelling Case Studies In 6 Steps

Case studies are the stories we tell about our work. When done right, these stories can be powerful enough to land us a dream role, promotion, or transition us into a new career.
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Laid Off, Now What? | How To Successfully Rebound Quickly

Experiencing a layoff is an unfortunate reality many of us face. The past 18-30 months have shown us how abrupt and widespread they can be.
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The Truth About Winning With A Non-Traditional Background

In the tech industry, landing a new role can feel like an intimidating process.
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Your Resume Won't Help You Stand Out — This Will

The traditional resume, once considered the gold standard for job applications, is facing a formidable challenger: the professional portfolio.
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Unlock Interview Success in 2024: 6 Steps to Winning with LinkedIn

In today's tough job market, landing your dream job goes beyond just applying to jobs on job boards.
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