Actionable solutions, nuanced problems, diverse perspectives.

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Simple features, designed for impact


Review and share the collective wisdom of other leaders. They’re designed with your busy schedule in mind, and are chunked out for easy consumption.


Find your communities — whether they're your team, mentees, personal board of directors, or other people with shared interests. Share within the privacy of your trust circles.


Get praise for a job well done by receiving kudos for your processes. Over time, you’ll begin to see the different leadership styles.


If you specific perspective, you can ask the collective pool of experts. You control the parameters of who receives the request, based on personal and business context, like years of experience and sector.

Pearl = Problem + Process + Perspective


Create, clone, collaborate

Create and post your processes to the community to help other leaders professionally.

Comfortably share

Find and connect with leaders with the experience and wisdom to help you further your growth as a leader.

Get recognized

Build your reputation and get kudos for sharing your processes and engaging with the community.

Ask and answer

Seek out advice from other emerging leaders, practiced leaders, or veterans in your desired industry.

Works with your favorite tools

Our team has our favorite "leadership stack," and we understand yours does too! Collaborate in Slack, Google Docs, Keynote, or Notion, and when you have production ready assets, share it to Pearl!

Valuable for all leaders

Emerging leaders

You're the early-career leader who wants to learn and demonstrate your leadership to get more opportunities.

Use Pearl to: build your eminence & learn from your mentors and industry experts.

Practiced leaders

You're the mid-career leader wants to do good by their teams and do well at their jobs.

Use Pearl to: accelerate outcomes while developing the people on your team.

Veteran leaders

You're the late-career leader wants to give back and share your wisdom with younger leaders.

Use Pearl to: share your learnings in a low-touch, scalable way, and to see the fruits of your labor.

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